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We are aerial imagery specialists

Picture this: You are standing at the entrance of a maze and your task is to get to the other side as quickly as possible without getting lost. From your perspective you may have vague idea of what the maze looks like, how big it is, how hard it is to navigate, etc. Now picture that you are given an aerial image or map. This new perspective contains so much more information and will allow you to navigate the maze quickly and easily without making any wrong turns or getting lost.

UFO Inc specializes in giving you that aerial perspective to help you complete your project safely, quickly, and accurately. With better quality than satellites and cheaper than planes or helicopters, drones are the perfect tool for capturing high-resolution aerial images containing the information that is important to you.

What makes UFO Inc different

Our drone’s capabilities meet or exceed that of traditional ground or air based equipment and is certified by Transport Canada to conduct Advanced Operations. This flexibility allows us to perform a greater variety of missions in more extreme or hazardous conditions compared to what is possible with an off-the-shelf hobby grade drone.

As commercial drone use becomes more affordable and popular across all industries, we decided to address an important issue that many companies face when looking to incorporate drones into their operations. With the ever-changing regulations governing drone use and the training and equipment required to maintain a drone program, many companies are hesitant to invest in developing a drone program.

To address this issue and to encourage the use of drones in commercial and industrial environments, we specialize in the operation of drones in a safe and effective manner, so that you can focus on what really matters to your business.

Aerial Photos & Videos

Let’s face it, aerial imagery is becoming the norm these days. Properties with aerial photos and videos sell significantly faster, marketing material with aerial shots of a company, product, community, etc. get more views and likes, and aerial portraits of a farm is a source of pride and conversation starter. Drones make it easy and affordable to get all these aerial shots when and how you want them. Any project, time, or place, we can get you the aerial imagery you want or need and we won’t leave until your happy.


Ever try to navigate an unfamiliar mall or a city without a map? It can be pretty tough and can waste a lot of time! We are capable of generating many high resolution (less than 1cm/px) survey products including orthomosaic (stitched) images, digital elevation models, illustrated maps, and more. *While we can produce survey quality mapping products with accuracies down to 1cm/px, we are not licenced surveyors at this time. As such our mapping service serves are a very affordable alternative when certified products are not required, such as an illustrated map of a storage yard, weekly comparison map of a construction site, agricultural planning maps for crops, etc. 

Thermal Inspections

Thermal imagery is a unique service we offer. There are many things that are hidden from human sight that thermal cameras can easily see. Applications include detecting pipeline or other fluid leaks, searching for building insulation and heat loss issues, identifying solar panel malfunctions, identifying industrial equipment overheating, conducting search and rescue operations for people and animals, and more. Our thermal camera is radiometric meaning that we are able to measure precise temperatures not just tell is something is hotter or colder than it’s surroundings.


As Transport Canada approved advanced operators, we have gained much experience in the safe and effective use of drones in a variety of environmental and regulatory conditions. Our procedures have been reviewed and approved for drone operations and we have been granted Special Flight Operations Certificates on multiple occasions. Our goal is to ensure all drone operations are conducted in accordance with regulations to ensure the safety of people on the ground as well as other aircraft in the area. If you are developing your own drone program and are looking for guidance please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will work with your team to ensure they have everything they need to operate drones safely and legally for your company.