Our drone’s capabilities meet or exceed that of traditional ground or air based equipment and is certified by Transport Canada to conduct Advanced Operations. This flexibility allows us to perform a greater variety of missions in more extreme conditions compared to what is possible with a hobby grade drone.


What makes UFO Inc different


As commercial drone use becomes more affordable and popular across all industries, we decided to address an important issue that many companies face when looking to incorporate drones into their operations. With the ever changing regulations governing drone use and the training and equipment required to maintain a drone program, many companies are hesitant to invest in developing a drone program.

To address this issue and to encourage the use of drones in commercial and industrial environments, UFO Inc specializes in the operations of drones in a safe and effective manner, so that you can focus on what really matters to your business.

Many of us have friends and family that work in hazardous areas, such as on oil rigs, near high voltage power lines, or on roofs of tall buildings. While sometimes required, when possible we want to keep our friends and family away from these potentially dangerous situations. Our goal is to use drones reduce the amount of time spend in these hazardous situations, while still enabling them to complete their vital work.

HD Photos & 4K Video

Our drone uses a professional DSLR camera with a selection of prime and zoom lenses to capture stunning photos and video. Unlike larger manned aircraft, drones allow us to quickly and safely fly around the area to get the perfect shot from the best angles. Within 30 minutes we can capture dozens of images from different angles, altitudes, lighting conditions, etc. so you get the shot you want.

2D/3D Mapping & Surveying

Using sophisticated flight planning software to generate automated flight plans and GPS equipped Ground Control Points, we are able to produce orthomosaic maps and Digital Elevation Models with a resolution better that 2 centimetres per pixel and accurate to within centimetres. Our drone allows us to survey complex sites safely, quickly, and with better resolution that is just not possible by using manned aircraft or satellites.

Thermal Inspections

Sometimes the information you need can’t be seen by the naked eye. In this case, we use a powerful radiometric thermal camera to capture that information. Want to know if there’s hot/cold spots in a network of fluid and gas pipes? Are all the cells in your solar panels functioning efficiently? Is your building well insulated or is it time for a new roof? Has an underground pipe sprung a leak? These questions and more can be answered by using a thermal camera to detect even the slightest changes in temperatures. As a bonus, our drone carries dual visual and thermal cameras so you see both visual and hidden thermal data.